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Dave and Buster's Day Out

A day out for Dave and Buster in their own words... :)

"Hi, my name is Buster and this is my brother Dave."

"Buster, I thought we agreed that I would do the talking?!"

"Fine... Go ahead."

"Well, as you were already told, my name is Dave and I am an ADORABLE Retriever mix and this here is--"

"Hey!!! I'm Buster. Despite being a Bully mix, I am Dave's brother."

"Dang it, Buster. You're interrupting again. I was just about to tell them about our trip to Aqua Gardens."

"Oh yeah! Remember when we got here and we walked so far into the water that the shelter humans had to wade knee deep?"

*Laughing* "Hey, do you remember when we saw those weird squawking things that people call 'geese'?"

"Yeah, they sure did look funny! I'm glad we tried to chase them away!"

"I'm just grateful for the people at Bobber's Cafe for the free ice cream to help us cool down!"

"Today, was a GOOD day, wasn't it brother?"

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