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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Madison County Humane Society founded?

The Madison County Humane Society was founded in 1973 and have worked tirelessly in our community for over 45 years! We run strictly off of donations and receive no tax monies from the city or state. We run off of generosity of the public and fundraising.


Who do I contact to report animal abuse, neglect or a stray?
We are not contracted with the city, so we do not serve as Animal Control. We have no jurisdiction to go onto personal property, so we are unable to go get domestic animals. Each township in Madison County is responsible for their Animal Control. The Anderson City Police Department for example, has two Animal Control Officers that serve the area. The officers respond to calls that may include picking up stray or injured domestic animals, investigating animal abuse, cruelty or neglect cases, bite reports and removing deceased, domestic animals from roadside areas.  In Anderson, dial the Dispatch Line at (765) 648-6775. For more information in Madison County, call (765) 642-0221.

Where do the animals come from?
Animals who make their way to our shelter can be strays and owner-surrenders from the Anderson City or any City/County surrounding. We are fortunate enough to be able to help surrounding counties as well as our own.

Is the Madison County Humane Society a No-Kill Shelter?
The Madison County Humane Society is a No-Kill shelter. Unfortunately, some of these animals, reach our doors in an irremediable state. We at times, must make a decision for humane euthanasia due to health of an animal. We grieve for any animal that must be euthanized and never take the decision lightly.

How much money does the Madison County Humane Society make off of an adoption?
There is no profit generated from the adoption fee.  The dollars merely offset the cost of kennel care, vaccinations and applicable medical treatment, food and sterilization.  The cost to care for each animal within our facility is approximately $125.00 per week.

What is the adoption process and associated fees?
When a potential adopter connects with an animal, the next step is to complete an application.  Applications are available at the shelter and are easily accessible on our website.  For approved adopters, we are happy to arrange appointments for Meet and Greets at the shelter with your other dogs and kids. All adoption applications will be thoroughly screened by our adoption team. In the best interest of all parties, furry and non-furry, same-day adoptions are discouraged.

Do we require a fee to surrender an animal?

We run strictly off of donations, so we do require a surrender fee when surrendering your animal. We require $20.00 if the animal is altered and $30 if it's unaltered.

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